7F Small Group AV Room

There are two small group audiovisual rooms, providing 10 and 20 people watching films at the same time.
Regular hours

  • Monday to Friday 09:00 - 20:00
  • Winter and summer vacations 09:00 - 15:30(Closed for national holidays. Please read the "Important Notice" of the library website for the opening hours in the winter and summer vacations)

Application time:Monday to Friday 8:30 - 16:30. Please apply to the audiovisual office on the seventh floor. Print "Application Form of Borrowing Audiovisual Rooms”.

This small group audiovisual rooms provide booking for 4 people or above, within 2 weeks. Each booking is only available for watching films of the audiovisual room collection once.

In order to take the fair use of teachers and students into consideration throughout the university, it is not used for long-term borrowing nor classroom scheduling.


  1. This area is only available for teachers, staff, and students of the university.
  2. Those who apply for the use of the small group audiovisual rooms of the library should apply to the audiovisual room office in advance; after the approval of the library, they can use the large group audiovisual room in the opening hours.
  3. No more than four hours each time for each application for use. If you cannot come to use the small group audiovisual room after your application, you must notify the library staff one hour in advance, otherwise your application for use will not be accepted within one month.
  4. If the library has special needs in the time of the booked period, the booked period of the small group audiovisual room use can be cancelled.
  5. Please keep the venue clean and tidy while using. Do not destroy any indoor equipment. If there is any damage, the borrower is liable for the compensation and the library can stop his borrowing right.

For other relevant regulations, please refer to "Borrowing Rules of the Audiovisual Room of the Chinese Culture University Library" and "Borrowing Regulations of the Large Group Audiovisual Room of the Chinese Culture University Library".

If there is any problem when you use, please contact the Audiovisual Room Office on the seventh floor. Or call (02)28611801-14204