National Document Delivery Service


Applying method

Apply online through the National Document Delivery Service System

Those who are absent from the university or who have been suspended from borrowing rights will be suspended from using the service.

Process and methods

  1. For those who use this system the first time, please apply for the reader account first. After one or two working days, the library will notify you by the e-mail. After receiving the notification, you can use the registered account to log in to the system.
  2. Please search the catalogue of the library before submitting your application to confirm that the library cannot provide the required information.
  3. Use the Union List of Electronic Journals and the National Bibliographic Information Network (NBINET) to confirm the collection unit.
  4. Fill in the document copy or book loan application form online and submit.
  5. If there is no such collection in any domestic libraries, please apply for foreign libraries.
  6. After receiving the e-mail collecting notice, please pay the fees in the library reference room before 16:30 from Monday to Friday.


1. Applying for domestic libraries:

  • Copying articles are subject to the fees of the requested library (The fees in most library is from NT $3 to 5 per page, excluding service fees and postage). You can choose the delivery method, "Ariel", to transfer files through the network, which is faster, and it usually charges NT $ 5 per page without postage fees.
  • Interlibrary borrowing book charges start from NT $100 per book, and the loan period is subject to the regulations of the requested libraries.

2.  Applying for foreign libraries:

  • Foreign library requests cannot be cancelled once they are applied for.
  • For papers, books, and journals, etc. (complete chapter): NT $ 450 per copy; if it is more than 100 pages, it should be charged according to foreign pricing.
  • UMI Dissertation and theses:NT $ 2,700.
  • NTIS reports and special resources: According to the charges of the foreign institutes
  • The service of borrowing books from foreign libraries is not available. Applying for copying foreign dissertations partially cannot be accepted.
  • Fees for libraries joined in Excellent Long-Established University Consortium of Taiwan

Restriction of copying: When copying theses or dissertations, please abide by the relevant articles of the Copyright Act, and only use for personal research. Each paper is copied once only.

Processing days

  1. Domestic interlibrary: It takes about 1 to 5 days, depending on the operation of the library and its way of delivery.
  2. Foreign interlibrary:It takes about 3 to 15 days, depending on the operation of the library and its way of delivery.

Telephone:(02)28610511 Ext. 14203