Notice of Borrowing and Returns


For borrowing books, the faculty and the university staff use their staff member cards, the students with their student cards, the alumni with the alumni library cards, and the retired faculty with the retired faculty library cards in person. The teachers and students of the university can borrow books in the "Effective period" with their cards, and the "Effective period" refers to the faculty, the staff or students who have completed the registration procedures at university. In order to allow the librarians to confirm the "Effective period", students should first go to the Registration Section to complete the "Registration stamp" on the back of the student ID cards every semester.

Book Drop: It is located on the left side of the main entrance on the second floor of the library building. Please use the book drop to return books when the library is out of the service.

Overdue Fines: Please return books as scheduled. If books are not returned in accordance with the regulations, the fines for overdue books will incur. Each book for overdue a day will incur NT $2, and the maximum amount of overdue fines for each book is up to NT$250.

Renew: Before the end of the borrowing period, if no users have placed any requests, all the teachers and students of the university can use the “webpage” to renew the books twice, or they can go to the circulation desk to ask for renewal in person. Except for the undergraduate students, all the other users can renew books by calling the extension number 14256. When you renew your borrowed books, if other users place requests, you must return the books.

Request: You can request a book that was borrowed by someone else via checking the current status of the books from the online public directory. When the book is returned, it will be notified by e-mail and will be retained for the reservation for five days. If the requested book is not collected within the time limit, the right of this request will be cancelled.

Lost: Please take good care of the loaned books. If the loaned books are lost, defaced, damaged, etc., general books (including books published in Mainland China) should be purchased for the same version of the new book. If you cannot purchase the same version or out of print books, you can replace the lost books with the newer version with the consent of the library; if there is no replacement version, you will be compensated three times according to the original book price. If the lost books are series of books, or a book in a series, you should still purchase the same version of the new books for compensation. Under the condition that you cannot purchase the same book, if there is a single book price, you will be compensated for six times of the original book price; If there is no single book price, then book price is equally divided based on series of books, the book price of each book is calculated and then the compensation is six times of the equally divided book price.

At the end of the semester, the date of returning books and the rules of borrowing books in winter and summer vacations will be announced separately.

The library can withdraw the borrowed books at any time due to special needs.

For all those who need to leave the university for any reasons, the books borrowed should be returned in full before leaving, or compensated according to the regulations.

Matters not covered in this webpage are dealt in accordance with the regulations of the library.