Circulation Services


Books: The university has a collection of 1,496,214 books in the academic year of 107 (July 31, 2019), including 1,415,453 hard copies and 80,761 audiovisual materials (volumes). The university designates budgeting to purchase books and resources according to actual needs every year. In addition to traditional hard copies, the library also collects audiovisual materials such as CDs, DVDs, VCDs, interactive CDs, microfilms, and miniatures.

Periodicals: The collection of the university has accumulated about 7,105 paper journals and 68,179 electronic journals in the academic year of 107. The professional journals are recommended by the colleges, institutes, and teachers and students according to their professional needs.

E-books:Users can use 6,534,371 volumes of e-books (including e-thesis and dissertations) in the academic year of 107.

Online database: There are 218 online databases, which provide a more convenient data retrieval for teachers and students, and cooperate with the use of network resources to move towards the electronic library.