Brief History


The university was founded on March 1, 1962. The founder Dr. Chang Chi-Yun took the library as the lifeline of the university students and spent a large amount of money purchasing many books. When Dacheng Building was completed in 1963, its second floor was set up as the Bonan Library. Then the library was expanded to the fifth floor of Dayi Hall in 1960. When the construction of Dadian Hall was completed in 1972, the library finally has its independent building. In 1999, the 37th anniversary of the university saw the completion of the "Xiaofeng Memorial Hall", and its floor area of the building was about 21,836 square meters. The library was divided into seven floors, with a complete dynamic plan and a special area based on the type of resources. It is a diversified, informatized and modernized knowledge resource learning center, providing an excellent teaching and research environment for all teachers and students.